Ulta Beauty apologizes for ‘Come hang with Kate Spade’ promotion 

Ulta Beauty Inc. is apologizing for an “insensitive” email it sent to customers advertising a Kate Spade fragrance.

The email’s subject line was “Come hang with Kate Spade and get $15 off,” which many read as a reference to the fashion designer, Kate Valentine Spade, and her death by suicide in 2018. 

Spade, a fashion designer and the founder of the “kate spade” brand, died by suicide in 2018 at age 55.

The email was intended to promote an online-only marketing campaign. 

The company sent a follow-up email apologizing to customers, the brand and the Spade family for the “upsetting mistake. 

Ulta apologized to fans on social media, too, who said the brand’s apology wasn’t enough to undo the damage of the first message.

We have the utmost respect for the kate spade brand and the joy it brings to the beauty and fashion industries. At Ulta Beauty, our teams are human, and this was truly an error with no intent to do harm.

“The rep said, Mental health is a very serious, important issue in this country, and not something we would ever take lightly. We apologize to the Spade family, our Kate Spade New York brand partners and to our guests. May is Mental Health Awareness month. 

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